Pawsitive Love with Guest Denise Leschart

Springer Spaniels are amazing dogs, and if there is anyone who can tell you this it is Denise Leschart. It started with a little girl and a little dog, and over 50 years later, this kind-hearted lady is still cherishing any moment she has with her dogs. In this episode Denise talks about Bonnie, a brave spaniel and her recent litter of six pups. Add Clyde to the mix, and this is a daddy-dog who gets right in and helps clean the back-ends of the litter. Anyone who has dogs, or has experienced the joy of a litter of puppies, will enjoy hearing the love and affection this woman has for her dogs. A little interesting start to the video to highlight the bond of sisters. This is the first time in over 70 episodes one of Lindy's siblings has come on the show as a guest!

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