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Not crying alone

Glad to hear it is normal to be brought to tears in a concert….

Podast Wrap-Up 2022 Feedback

I enjoy all episodes.

Podcast Wrap-Up 2022 Feedback

5 Stars. Episodes enjoyed: Sharon Shorty - isn't she inspiring. And the one you did with your fellow podcaster Melissa Bright - the teamwork that exists out there!

Pawsitive Holidays with guest Eileen

Fabulous episode and I learnt so much around animal safety and keeping your fur babys health in check especially around tough weather conditions. Thanks for a great listen xx

Podcast Feedback 2022

I love listening to Linda's podcasts. I find them very interesting, funny, informative and entertaining. I like the variety of topics!

Podcast Feedback 2022

Love all of the podcasts. So uplifting, funny, and inspirational. Lindy captures everyday life and I love listening to her stories of her Whitehorse days. Such a simpler time but always so meaningful to today's lessons.

Podcast Feedback 2022

I find the podcasts entertaining and they get me thinking.

Quilting and favourite colours

Thanks for reminding us that hobbies bring joy and our comments about other’s hobbies can land in a way that encourage or undermine confidence or can instill encouragement and add joy.

Thank you

I really appreciate you doing this and creating something that people can listen to about all the positive energy that does go around. (pm sent through social).

Thought Provoking

As promised, Lindy’s podcasts share thought provoking stories and experiences that always leave me reflecting after listening. As someone who is new to listening to podcasts, I have found these the perfect addition to my cleaning or walking routines.

I Really Enjoy Listening

Researched. Funny. Heartfelt. Thanks so much and keep up the good work

Good for the Soul

Lindy brings together laughter, handy tips and positivity to her well thought out podcasts. It's a "good for the soul" feeling that the world needs. I love "Smarty Pants" and Ozzie as her sidekicks. Keep up the great work!

Happy Listener

Love this. A few great reminders and some good laughs.