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Welcome to Grammy's Corner, an extension of Lindy's Audio Cafe. I hope you enjoy the fun and creative ideas on this page. It was started when I first created the digital recording for Art, Bart & Fart (see the story below). Life got busy, and I this past year has been full of podcasts, journals and also working on a novel. I plan to start updating this page with more fun options, and look forward to your positive feedback.  

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If you have any stories you would like to share on a podcast, please feel free to reach out to me through this website.  I love happy stories, or stories with happy endings. Perhaps a family might decide to come on a podcast together and talk about the dynamics of managing parent & grandparent relationships with children. Maybe there is a special senior in your life who has been super kind to your children - let's hear about it!  The world needs more good stories - let's share them!

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Christmas is long over and this Grammy is FINALLY getting caught up!  How the heck did I manage to work full time, run kids to sports and music, keep a clean house and find time to exercise?  Well, I did it, just like so many parents do, and we all survived!  I found myself finally getting time to venture over to my website this week and was shocked that I had allowed the Christmas crosswords to stay on past the holidays.  As of today, old Frosty is gone and I will make room soon for the Easter Bunny. 

Grammy is coming out of the retirement and that has suddenly sparked a desire to stay on top of things. I started working when I was 12 years old, and I don't think I adjusted super well to retirement. Grandparenting is different when you don't live in the same community. I am so grateful for any online video call that I get.  Since the pandemic we have found costs to be rising at a steady rate, and I can imagine there are many grandparents out there who have gone back to work to supplement fixed incomes.  

I will be sure to get on top of this page more often, after all, it really does matter to me. I created it because of the love I have for my children and grandchildren. Even though I am in the process of starting a small business, I will make a point of checking in from time to time and updating this page.  

Enjoy your day everyone!  



This story started over 25 years ago, when my daughter was little. Our usual routine was to finish up the day with a few stories in bed. It had been a challenging day, as my daughter had learned some new potty words that had become a bit too frequent.  As I tucked her in, I told her we could have one more story and that is when the story of Art, Bart & Fart was created. I made it up on the spot.  She laughed and laughed, and we had the discussion about there is a time and a place for potty words. Night after night she requested the story of Art, Bart & Fart, and this went on for a few years.  8 years later my son was born, and the tradition continued.  He also loved the story, and often asked for it.  As I begin my creation of children's stories, it seemed a must that Art, Bart & Fart should lead the way.  My heart is filled with cheer as my little grandchildren are the next generation to hear this story.  Please click on the image below to go the video. 

Story about No More Potty Words at School



Parrots are hiding in the house, disguised as grandchildren!  
Yup, this Grammy learned a lesson!  Next time, it's "oh my gosh!". 

Click on Image Below for to hear what happened!
Parrot with Callout Remark