Jan. 31, 2023

Customer Service - Challenges & Solutions: Guests Michelle Stanock and Anne Smith-Nochasak (Episode 60)

Customer service is a hot topic these days, and it seems to hit social media when things don't go well.  What is happening to customer service these days?  Does lack of training, sense of entitlement or staff shortages create problems?  What is our role as a  customer when it comes to an agreeable transaction?  

In this episode, Lindy is joined by guests Michelle Stanock and Anne Smith-Nochasak for thought-provoking discussion.  Michelle Stanock is a professional customer service trainer, with a focus on aviation and the service industry.  Anne Smith-Nochasak is a retired school teacher, self-published author and has experience handing the phones in a call center environment.  

Whether you are a customer, business owner, manager, front-line worker, sales professional or anyone involved in the service industry, this episode is worth listening to.  It's a bit of a longer one, so be sure to put on some headphones on while you attend to your tasks,  or sit back with cup of coffee.  Hit pause if you have to, but come back and listen to the end because there is plenty of information in this podcast. It's worth the listen, especially if you are involved in any type of business that involves customer interactions.  

This podcast is not intended to provide any legal, medical or personal advice, and is recorded for fun and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for listening. 

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