March 17, 2023

When the Glass Empties - Refill it!

When the Glass Empties - Refill it!

It is St. Patrick's Day today. I am looking out the window at blue skies, and my hands are still a bit chilled from a brisk early morning walk. 

I met up with a friend this morning, and together we took our dogs out on the back trails and enjoyed a great chat. I was pretty happy because this was the longest walk I have had in a few months. It felt great, both emotionally and physically.

It made me think so much about recent guests on the show, and how resilient and driven these wonderful people are. A few weeks back I had a woman who is a cancer survivor come on the show, and talk about her venture into the world of comedy. Syd Bosel truly knows the meaning of life, and along with her partners Christine Hackman and Helen Schneiderman they shared the story of how comedy gave each of them a great outlet to have fun and create positivity. Following that, Tina Guile came on the show and talked about her journey with cancer and two kidney transplants. Wow - that is not your every day story. The next episode was with a kind woman named Sharon Shorty who shared her experience and challenges after loss of mobility. One day she was walking, the next day in a wheelchair.  Backtrack before that and JD the Flowerman was on the podcast, sharing his experience of overcoming depression and his new ability to spread joy and happiness to people around him. 

There are people all around us who are brave, kind, courteous and courageous.  I stress brave, because it takes a lot of courage to face health challenges, and even more courage to share a story in public. 

Thank you to all of the above people who kindly took time from their days to come on the show and share their stories.  We can all learn from each other, and believe me, I am learning every day.  

Today I give gratitude for what I have and who is around me.  

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