April 29, 2023

Learning Never Ends - We Just Need to Find New Ways

Learning Never Ends - We Just Need to Find New Ways

I just posted my 70th podcast episode this week, and it has been quite a learning curve.  I didn't go into podcasting with a manual or a teacher. I did what many other podcasters do and I relied on the internet for learning, and joined online groups where I could share ideas with other like-minded people.  It isn't easy to learn new things when you get older, but it is possible!

Learning never ends.  Think of how many times when you were in school and the words "I can't wait to be done here" went through your mind. Have you ever started a job and felt overwhelmed, and wondered if you might not catch on? Are you a text-book learner or a hands-on learner?  We are all different.

I am a hands-on learner, and I never did well with repetitive memorizing. Math was never my strong point, but I never had an issue with the basic concepts and could always balance a spreadsheet.  It is hard to be around people who are super smart if you feel you are not.  The only thing wrong with that picture is that you are comparing yourself to others, when really we all have our own toolbox and special gifts to bring to this world.

I am mentally exhausted right now and it is from learning. I had a few things I took on this week and they took me longer than they should have because I missed a step, or forgot how I did it the first time. Notebooks and journals are about to become my next best friend. I need them.

In less than two years I have taught myself how to podcast, edit audio, create videos, create journals, create cards, start an online sales shop, sourced out equipment for a new business and most importantly, taught myself to go easy on myself. I am almost 57 years old, and this is the first time in my life I can work at my own pace, be creative and venture outside the box in the work world. I used to joke around at my own expense, and it isn't a good thing to do. I think I became more aware of it when I chatted with three great comedians on my podcast recently, and Syd Bosel really got me thinking about it.  I don't know what makes us crack jokes at our own expense when we wouldn't do it to others. We are, after all, worthy of self-love.

I learned more than that in this past year. I learned who my friends are, or perhaps was reminded of what I already knew. I learned that we all have different values and beliefs, but it is possible to find ways to mitigate differences and try to work together. 

I was so mad at myself when I recently compiled a project and discovered I missed part of it.  I started down the path of "I am idiot"...and as I redid the project I cursed even more with words like "what an f-up this was, why can't I do anything right?".  I stopped and heard myself. I am not an idiot. I make mistakes just like anyone else. If I make mistakes in my work day, then I can learn from it. As I am self-employed, the only thing I can say is if I make a mistake and catch it first, then that makes me that much smarter in the end.  Berating myself before the project ever leaves the house will serve no purpose other than to diminish self-esteem and remove the fun behind the whole concept.

People make mistakes all the time. Some are bigger, others are smaller. I have made some doozies in my lifetime, and some that are simply little "oh well I won't try that again" kind of mistakes.  There is always sometimes to absorb about learning and mistakes. Here's my summary of it all:

  1. Never be afraid to learn new things. If you don't try to see if you can do it, you could miss out on some great opportunities.
  2. Assume you can before you assume you can't.  
  3. YOU be the judge on whether you are capable of trying. 
  4. Learning is a right that everyone should have. Be grateful for each opportunity.
  5. We all learn at a different pace. It doesn't make one person "smarter" than the other, we just have different skill sets.
  6. Forgiveness is a huge method of lifting burdens.  Sometimes we have to learn to forgive ourselves as much as we forgive others.
  7. The world is full of good people. Surround yourself with people who will support you in what you do, and be sure to reciprocate.
  8. You are never too old for learning. I learned Excel as an adult, you probably learned it in school. Either way, we both learned it.
  9. University of Life brings an education that no degree can match. 
  10. People come into our world for a reason. Manifest the positive and treat others kindly.

My podcast has been an incredible learning resource, and I am learning so much from so many incredible people.  I am very grateful to all the wonderful guests who taken time from their days to come on my show.

Have a listen to this blog in this week's audio podcast.  I have recorded this as well as touched based on a few extra reminders.

Have a great week everyone, and remember that smiles come in all languages and in all colors.