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When the Glass Empties - Refill it!

It is St. Patrick's Day today. I am looking out the window at blue skies, and my hands are still a bit chilled from a brisk early morning walk.  I met up with a friend this morning, and together we took our dogs out on the back trails and enjo…

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It's OK to Have Your Own Style!

In several podcasts, I refer to self-acceptance and the path to self-love.  In order to love others, we need to love ourselves first. This is easier said than done, especially when we have made mistakes in our lives. No one is perfect. Shit ha…

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Hobby Burnout - Slow Down or Keep Going?

Winter season is a great time to take on hobbies.  It really helps if you have a place to pursue your project.  I have friends and family up north who have taken on quilting. My sister Cathie has made incredible quilts, and she loves it. M…

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Giving Thanks with an Attitude of Gratitude

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, but I do. It’s different for me now because I don’t have much family nearby. In the old days when I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a huge …

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Simply Living (Episode 38 Recap)

SLOW DOWN, YOU MOVE TOO FAST!   I’ve been a naughty girl and took off camping instead of doing my weekly podcast.  Ah, but was it truly naughty? Not really. You see, this is a hobby podcast, and it is supposed to be fun. I do m…

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Donations - Be Kind & Be Alert

My podcast this week was the result of a trip to the mailbox. I had a few nice cards from family, a couple of bills, and a nice big 9” x 14” envelope. Written on the big envelope in bold red letters was “Free Gifts Enclosed”.…

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Be Kind When Things Don't Work

I just went through the drive-thru to pick up 2 gift cards. I was fortunate to have cash as they are still offline. The lady at the drive-thru told me she had been yelled at by several people because the system was down and they could only take prep…

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