May 18, 2023

75 - Respect for Bears - Guest Ellie Lamb

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Bears are everywhere.  For decades bears have been recreated in plush format for the enjoyment of children around the world.   How about real bears - the kind that live in the woods and eat salmon from the river?  Bears are incredibly smart, and they are simply trying to exist in this world, just like us.  In this episode Ellie Lamb shares her insight into the world of bears, communication and the need for mutual respect.  Ellie is a Level 3 Guide with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC and an instructor of bear behavior and appropriate responses for Metro Vancouver Parks.  With summer upon is, this is a time when many of us will be headed to the back country and it's always good to be knowledgeable and prepared.  Remember that no one wants a camera in their face, including a bear.   

This podcast is not intended to provide any legal, medical or personal advice, and is recorded for fun and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for listening. 

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