April 29, 2023

73 - Pawsitive Love with Guest Denise Leschart

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Puppies come into this world and teach us a whole other dimension to the word love. In this episode Lindy is joined by her older sister Denise, who is now sharing her home with 2 dogs and a litter of puppies.  Denise's first memory of spaniels goes back over 55 years ago when a neighbor hood dog followed her home.  With a bit of convincing and helpful tears, she was able to convince her father to keep the dog and it's been a pawsitive story ever since.  Together Denise and Jeff have witnessed the love story between Bonnie and Clyde, a story that will simply warm your heart. 

This podcast is not intended to provide any legal, medical or personal advice, and is recorded for fun and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for listening. 

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