March 8, 2023

66 - Sharon Shorty - When Life Changes Direction

Sharon Shorty had a year she never anticipated in 2022.  One day she was walking, and the next day she was in the hospital. It was 4 months before she would come home, and she never expected it would be in a wheelchair.  This bright and fun-loving Yukon woman was suddenly faced with managing life from a different angle.  In this episode Sharon shares her thoughts on her experience and social interactions. 

Sharon Shorty is an award winning performer, storyteller and playwright.  She was the recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee award in 2012, and is well known in the Yukon for her role as Grandma Susie. 

This podcast is not intended to provide any legal, medical or personal advice, and is recorded for fun and entertainment purposes only.  Please remember to always be kind. By listening to people share their stories, we can learn, grow and hopefully pave a smoother path for others. Thanks for listening. 

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