Feb. 23, 2023

64 - Hot Flash Comedy: Behind the Scenes with Guests Syd Bosel, Christine Hackman and Helen Schneiderman

Life isn't all about being serious, in fact, there are times in our lives when we need to simply relax, enjoy a few laughs and simply take it easy. In this episode, Lindy is joined by three hilarious women scheduled to grace the stage with Hot Flash Comedy  on March 9, 2023.  Guests Syd Bosel, Christine Hackman and Helen Schneiderman take us behind the scenes, helping us to remember that even the funniest people on stage are truly real people with real lives. Celebrating International Women's Day week with a bit of laughter and fun , these lovely comedians will tell you to "bring your friends...and your panty liners!"  to their show.  Thank you to Syd, Christine and Helen for coming on the show to share some laughter.   

March 9, 2023 Performance Details:

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