Dec. 14, 2022

55 - A Spoon of Kindness with Guest Sharon Shorty

Nothing beats the smell of fresh chili or hearty stew on a cold winter day.  Come into the kitchen of Sharon Shorty, and you are likely to find this kind-hearted lady holding a spatula in her hand while she stirs up a mouth-watering dish.  Sharon  has a zest for life, and it shows in her biography as well as her current activities.  This award winning actress has graced the stage many times with her role as Grandma Suzie, in addition to performance on television, radio and other live theatre.  In this podcast episode Sharon talks about her new role in the kitchen, adapting to life in a wheelchair and how she shares her recipe for success.

Sharon is from the Raven Clan, and was raised with storytelling traditions in her Yukon community.  She is from the Tlingit, Northern Tutchone and Norwegian People, and enjoys sharing stories, both old and new. In 2012 Sharon was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her significant contributions to the Yukon and Canada. It doesn't stop there.  visit her website at to learn more about this talented and resilient northern woman.  Sharon also posts some of her recipes on this group page: The Arctic Kitchen: Recipes of the North on Facebook:

This podcast is not intended to provide any legal, medical or personal advice, and is recorded for fun and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for listening. 

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