July 21, 2022

34 - Sunny Side Up

This episode was recorded on a cell phone at the beach.  You can hear the ferry running in the background as I get started. The weather was hot out, we had blue skies, and it simply seemed like a great idea to do a recording with the ocean behind me.  As a hobby podcaster, you go with the flow and on this day I had noise in my yard at home.  This seemed like the best solution. It was tricky to get started, as I had my camera on and was trying to avoid capturing people walking their dogs.  A friendly woman stopped by while I was getting started, and asked about my show.  I didn't do the best job describing it, but she was interested in what I was doing and was more than happy to say a quick hello on camera. Thanks Michelle - you made this kind of fun!  This is not my usual episode, but I thought it would be a great chance to get outside and share a few tips for staying cool in the extreme heat.  It makes me think about people who live in extreme temps year round, and don't always have access to clean water. We are truly lucky to live where we do.  Enjoy your summer days everyone, and stay safe!

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