June 21, 2022

30 - Let's Keep Active - Chat with Busy Mums Fitness Corner

Staying active is important for your physical and emotional well being.  In this episode, Lindy has a great chat with Lynsday Williams of the Busy Mums Fitness Corner podcast.  Lyndsay wears many hats, including running her own home based salon, fitness coach and yes, a busy mom!  There are many great ideas on how to stay active, whether you are a parent or simply a busy person.  Lyndsay's positive attitude will keep you smiling, and perhaps even motivate you to do some bicep curls with that jug of milk.  This episode runs close to an hour, and you will find it well worth it.   If you listen to podcasts on your favorite app, perhaps you might put on some headphones and listen to this one while going for a walk, working in the yard or riding your indoor fitness cycle.   It doesn't matter where you live, we are all in this world together and it's wonderful that two podcasters from 7300 km apart can chat about life, fitness and similar goals.  Have a great week everyone, and remember that smiles come in all languages and in all colors.

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Thank you to Lyndsay Williams from the Busy Mums Fitness Corner Podcast.  CONTACT INFO

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