June 10, 2022

29 - Summer Safety for Dogs & Pets (Chat with BC SPCA)

Dogs rely on their human families to keep them safe. In this episode Lindy is joined by Eileen Drever, Senior Officer Protection and Stakeholder Relations for the BC SPCA.  Together they discuss ways to help keep dogs and other household pets safe during the summer months.  Dogs should have access to fresh food and clean water, shelter from the elements and never be left in a vehicle in warmer temps.  Other animals can also be a potential hazard, particularly for the smaller breeds.  Pet owners can benefit from a few gentle reminders, especially at the start of the summer season.
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For more tips and ideas Lindy suggests visiting the BC SPCA website at:
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*Lindy encourages pet owners to check with your own veterinarian/animal care health provider or your local SPCA  if you have any questions. 

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