April 17, 2022

24 - Laughter is Contagious

We all need a bit of humor, especially these days! Some great stories along with clips of laughter that will simply put a smile on your face. A bit of Yukon content and lots of fun to be had!

Laughter is the source of good vibes, healthy energy and often the root of many great stories that are told for years to come.  This episode starts out with a few little wisecracks created by Lindy, in her wild attempt to be a funny podcaster. She soon realizes it might be time to call in the funnier forces and is joined by some wonderful guests. Sit back and enjoy a few laughs as Grant shares his story about a time when the antics on the Vaudeville stage happened behind the scenes!  A few more tales on this episode include the traditional eery laugh of a sister at Halloween, and a laugh attack that resulted in a driver having to stop the car and get it out of her system.  Laughter is the good for the soul, and Lindy truly hopes you will enjoy this fun and uplifting episode.

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to share a laugh today! 

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